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Remembering Glenn Pierce

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SDATAT Newsletters for 2020-2022

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Dec. 2nd & 3rd - SDATAT Annual Conference 
President's Column
Conference Registration
Winter Road Prep SDLTAP
Service Award Applicant
Conference Spouse Program & Entertainment
Legal Insight - Snow Issues
Insurance Matters - Bonding
Secondary Road Capital Improvement Fund
Resolution Submission

SDATAT Officer Cindy Foster
President's  Column
Scholarship Application
RAIF by Greg Vavra, SDLTAP
Awards & Scholarship
Township Levy 10-12-28.2
Annual Conference Pictures
Approval of New Resolutions
Insurance Matters
Attention Township Officers
Attention Clerks & Treasurers

President's Column
Conference Schedule
Planning For Township Infrastructure
Service Award Applicant
Road & Bridge Levy, & Record Retention
Director Ted Petrak & Important Memos
Snow & Its Issues
Tami Schwebach & Dividend Announcement 
Attorney John Delzer & Haul Road Agreements
Resolution Submission

President's Column
Legal Insights 
Update on Culvert/Structure Fund
SDATAT Conference Schedule
SDLTAP Winter Road Maintenance
Tips to Operating as a Township Board
40 Year Service Award Application
Equipment Blades 
SDATAT Scholarship Application
Insurance Matters with Tami Schewbach
Farewell to Attorney Jay Leibel
Bonding Reminders
Township Sample Agendas

President's Column
Jay Leibel's Last Legal Insights
Update on Culvert/Structure Fund
SDATAT Conference Schedule
SDLTAP-Shoulder Pulling
FEMA Mitigation/Snow Memos
40 Year Award Application
Tax Exemption Certificates
EMC Dividends & Claims
Legal Insights with Attorney Delzer

President's Column
Apply for Disaster Recovery
Legal Insights
Annual Conference Highlights
SDLTAP Preparing for Spring
Schwebach Ins Update
Friend of Local Govt Award
VIP Lunch & Legislative Update
SDATAT Legislative Bill Summary

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