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Rural Access Infrastructure Fund

(RAIF) House Bill 1259, “An Act to make an appropriation for rural access infrastructure improvement” has officially rolled out.

  •  ​Your county has received the 2nd of 3 allocations of the $31 million grant for culvert and small structure replacements. Their allocation is based upon the number of reported structures and culverts for the entire county as a ratio of the entire state. These funds are separate from their general fund.

  • Your 5 year structure improvement plan must be turned in to your County Hwy Supt. by August 31st of each year.

  • The deadline to turn in applications is October 31st each year. 

  • Grants will be awarded before January 15th, the following year, by your county commissioners

  • Townships should receive and retain a copy of their inventory worksheets and all paperwork.

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