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Winter 2019       Errors & Omissions
                           Snow Plowing Tips
                           Convention Pics
                           Legal Insights
                           Meet Newest Board 
                           How a Bill Becomes Law
2019 Summer    Fixing Soft spots
                           Bond Alliance Changes
                           Legal Insights-Signing Plats
                           EMC Dividend Decisions
                           Emergency Management Office
                           Rural Development
                           Ode to the American flag
                           Schwebach Ins Errors & Omissions
                           Mowing & Pheasant Nesting
Spring 2019        President's Column
                            Road Closed Signing
                            Highlights from 2019 Legislative Session
                            Legal Insights Merge or Disorganize
                            Uncashed Dividend Checks Note From Exec. Director
                            Preliminary Disaster Assessment Process
                            Addressing Difficult People
                            Unraveling the Tax on Gravel
                            Schwebach Spring Liability
                            Sample Documentation for Supervisors & Legislative Day Pix

Summer 2018 
                    2018 Scholarship Winners
                    Claim...What Shall I Do Now?
                    Keeping Up With The Times - Township Road Struggles
Culvert Update & Funding Change
Vacating Roads
CAFO & Your Township
Meet your 2018 SDATAT Directors & Staff
Roads & Signs...and the Township's Liability 
In Memory of James Enders, Founder SDAT
2018 Legislative Session Recap
Annual Report Reminder
Legislative Changes in 2018
2017 SDLTAP Training Summary 
Documenting Damages 

Fall 2017        2017 Annual Conference Information
                        One Million Dollars Paid to SDATAT & Members
                        Managing Township Culverts
                        Responding to the Urban to Rural Migration 
                        Town & Township ID's Offered through SDATAT
                        SDATAT New E-mail Support                

Summer 2017     2017 Scholarship Winners
                            To Sign or Not to Sign
                             Reduce Blading & Maintenance Costs
                             Opting Out Of the Tax Limitation
                             Public Waters over Private Lands
                             Google Earth Navigation 
                             SDATAT Announces New Lobbyist

Spring 2017          Who is Responsible
                               Legislative Recap
                               Lobbyist Retires
                               Financing Roads
                               SDLTAP Update
                               Documenting Damages
                               2017-18 SDATAT Representatives
                               Alive at 25
                               Important Phone Numbers

Summer 2016       Active Shooter Training
                                         Are You Liable
                                         Culvert Funding Program
                                         Note from FSA
                                         Director Listing
                                         Larry Weiss Retires
                                         Day County Decision
                                         DAPL Update
                                         Message from OEM
                                         Convention Sneak Peek
Spring 2016          Resolution vs Ordinance
                               2016 Legislative Wrap-Up
                               Workers Comp Insurance
                               Legislative Insights
                               Tax on Gravel
                               Signing Update
                               Message from O.E.M
                               New District Director                               

2017 Township Officers Manual  This document is totally searchable. After getting into the document by left clicking on the title above, push the "Ctrl" button and hold while pressing the "F" button to bring up the search box which should be in the upper right corner(or use a search engine of your choice). Type the word or words you want to search and press "enter".  It will show the first search result.  If you would like to go to the next result press the arrow key in the search box.


Agendas for Townships, Samples - First & Last Tuesdays in March
Call for Special Meeting Form

Certificate of Levy

Conflict of Interest Laws

Culvert Inspection Checklist



Farming the ROW

Farming the ROW - Cease & Desist

Farming the ROW - Sample Letter

Gravel Calculation Chart

Gravel - Section 882 Aggregates

Gravel-Successful Dust Control

Gravel Specifications

Inspection/Marking Form - Culverts, Signs, Etc.

Inspection/Marking Exec Sheet - Culverts, Signs, Etc.

Manual on Uniform Control Devices-2009 version

Notice of Road Closure

Notary Application


Open Meeting Laws (Revised Fall 2015)

Opt Out Information

Records Retention and Destruction Schedule

Retroreflectivity-Final Rule

Road Repair Agreement 

Sign Delineation Design Manual

Signage - Installation

Signage - Road Closure

Snow Removal Responsibility

Speed Limit Notification Form

Weed & Tree Removal





  Small Town Bond Application


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